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Yes, vintage is undeniably in fashion. But for once you won’t go to your favorite mall to redo your wardrobe: let's go to the second-hand stores!

In addition to offering you unique items that you won't find anywhere else, you can save the planet by buying items that are already worn, will also save money.

Certainly, some people consider second-hand clothes "dirty" or not very trendy, but we tell you this: nothing more fashionable at the moment than vintage garments. In addition to that, if you are in Paris, you will have a lot of choices given the number of clothing stores you can find there.
To save you some time, we have selected a dozen of the best clothes shops in Paris, according to several criteria (style & quality of clothes, welcome of the staff, and prices) in various districts.

WISHUPON team was pleased to walk through Paris, and also wants Paris foreign lovers and visitors to discover those amazing places.

The article is divided into 4 parts, which allow all fashionistas to find what they are looking for, from the most adventurous to those who prefer not to go too far. And you can also bring your companion because the clothing stores are not only for you, ladies!

The map of all the essential second-hand clothing stores in Paris

Google Map πŸ“:

1- The very central second-hand stores (the core of Paris) - 1st & 2nd arrondissements
2- Typical β€œLe Marais” second-hand stores (traditional neighborhood) -3rd & 4th arrondissements
3- The second-hand stores in Paris East - 9th & 10th arrondissements
4- The second-hand stores in outlying districts & in the North of Paris

1. The very central second-hand stores (the core of Paris)

1st & 2nd arrondissements

β­† Visited by the editor

Β© Anousparis (

πŸ’™ Affordable prices
πŸ’™ Many "classics" for shoppers afraid of eccentricity
πŸ’™ Friendly and bilingual English-speaking salespeople
πŸ’™ Easy to find a specific article

The editorial opinion: β€œI particularly liked the choice among the different categories of items. You are sure to find everything you are looking for, from velvet body to overalls. Prices are unique on item selections by categories (for example, same price for shirts, shoes…), so for some types of clothing it is really worth it financially, but for others, it makes the price a little excessive sometimes. Everything is generally in order and the clothes are clean and sorted. We appreciate the basement entirely for men's clothing.”

Our heart stroke: Incredible selection of pouches (10€ for each of them!)

Address: 12-16 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris (ChΓ’telet Station)


β­† Visited by the editor

πŸ’™ A must-see concept store in Paris
πŸ’™ Quality clothes very stylish
πŸ’™ You can find vintage brand clothing, and globally, all the possible and imaginable brands
πŸ’” High prices

The editorial opinion: "Impossible to live in Paris without having heard of Kiliwatch. This huge concept store gathers so many vintage pieces that they hold most of their finds in minimum 2-3 copies, even for rare items! I was particularly impressed by the "vintage cyclist" section or their huge collection of kepi. The decoration is very original and neat. You feel compelled to take pictures in a place like this. But as soon as you catch a label, you instantly lose it: the prices are extremely high, far too high for second-hand clothes. Moreover, the monumental size of this shop, as well as the army of salesmen at the disposal of customers, make Kiliwatch a factory much more than a clothing store. β€œ

Our heart stroke: The selection of men's dressing gowns

Address: Β Kiliwatch Paris – 64 Rue Tiquetonne – 75002 Paris



πŸ’™ Very wide choice
πŸ’™ Perfectly sorted and arranged items
πŸ’™ Original & vintage items, from theatre costumes to geisha kimonos
πŸ’™ Their beautiful Instagram: @madvintageparis
πŸ’” The MAD Vintage chain and their website take away the charm of a small independent thrift store

MAD VINTAGE - 66 Rue Saint-Denis et 41 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
MAD VINTAGE - 99 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris


2- Typical β€œLe Marais” second-hand stores (traditional neighborhood)

3rd & 4th arrondissements

β­† Visited by the editor

πŸ’™ Innovative concept
πŸ’™ BIS Boutique Solidaire encourages social and solidarity work: it employs people in precarious situations
πŸ’™ Clothing carefully selected and all washed
πŸ’™ Nice staff
πŸ’™ (Very) affordable prices

The editorial opinion: β€œWe like the dual objective of the shop, both environmental and economic. The first boutique was born in 2012, in Le Marais - it is the boutique we visited - and since then, two other stores have bloomed, to show how successful the concept is! Clothes look like new, they are washed and sorted by color, and you can find large mirrors, pretty old-fashioned parquet flooring... Decidedly, this shop has everything to please. A luxurious impression... at a ridiculously low price: Ralph Lauren jackets are available for 20 euros! A haven for fashion designers, but not only: the entire basement is dedicated to men and children.”

Our heart stroke: The collection for babies and their selection of brand ties

Address :
BIS Boutique Solidaire – 7 boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris
BIS Boutique Solidaire – 19 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris
BIS Boutique Solidaire - 96 Rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris

β­† Visited by the editor

πŸ’™ You can buy clothes online, or store in Citadium
πŸ’™ Vintage... but trendy
πŸ’™ Many articles from the 80s
πŸ’” Prices a little expensive

The editorial opinion: β€œTilt Vintage is like Mad Vintage's little brother. We visited the Tilt Vintage store in the Marais, near Saint-Paul. Located in one of the most touristic districts of Paris, which carries a large number of tourists in the shop, this Vintage Tilt store remains nevertheless the historical heart of the chain. One of the managers (Astro) recommended us the Tilt Vintage store from the rue Saint Placide, which is bigger and where we can find an incredible number of vintage dresses. The Tilt located in Rue de Rivoli is not very spacious but well arranged, and all the clothes are hand-picked, in addition to being incredibly well organized. We only regret the slightly high prices. Even if the collections of sunglasses, bucket hats or Kanken bags are in the trend, unfortunately, these are not very original, and many are made up of new items. You can feel that the shop in the Marais is more for tourists than for real rags lovers."

Our heart stroke: Astro's bag out, the K-ways of the 80s and the shelves with very pretty sunglasses (even if they are new, yes, shhh).


Tilt Vintage - Le Marais – 8 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris / Saint-Paul Station
Tilt Vintage - Saint Placide – 10 rue Saint-Placide, 75006 Paris / SΓ¨vres-Babylone Station


And outside Paris:
LILLE: 33 rue de la Clef - 59 800 Lille
LYON: 62 rue Victor Hugo - 69 002 Lyon

β­† The editor tried to enter but it was closed :(

Β© La Parisienne (

πŸ’™Like Ali Baba's cave: between the second-hand clothing store, the record store, and the vintage shop
πŸ’™ A passionate manager who opened Aux Comptoirs more than 15 years ago
πŸ’™ Unique pieces
πŸ’” You are sure to find everything but what you are looking for

Address: 49 Rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris

MAD VINTAGE (see above at Part 1.)

Address: 99 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris

3- The second-hand stores in Paris East

9th & 10th arrondissements

In those vibrant neighborhoods, where you can find theatres and cafΓ©s, you can also find very nice second-hand stores.


Β© Timeout (

πŸ’™ Perfect when looking for inspiration
πŸ’™ Unique collector's and designers/stylists' items
πŸ’™ Hand-picked articles
πŸ’™ Easy to find a specific article
πŸ’” Unfortunately, expensive prices

Address: CELIA DARLING VINTAGE - 5 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris


Β© Time out (

πŸ’™ Outstanding clothes to find
πŸ’™ Dandys' Den
πŸ’™ The salespeople always ready to advise you
πŸ’™ Very retro atmosphere

Address: Mamie Blue - 69 Rue de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris

BIS BOUTIQUE SOLIDAIRE (see above at Part. 2):

Address: BIS Boutique Solidaire – 19 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris

4- The second-hand stores

in outlying districts & in the North of Paris


Β© Petits Commerces (

πŸ’™ A kind of mini-museum
πŸ’™ Glamour everywhere
πŸ’™ Branded clothing
πŸ’™ Very friendly and advised manager

Address: PRISCA PARIS - 69 Rue du Mont-Cenis, 75018 Paris


Β© Goldymama

πŸ’™Very original shop
πŸ’™ High-quality of Clothing
πŸ’™ Nice welcome
πŸ’™ Affordable prices
πŸ’” Dangerous for your wallet!

Address: GOLDY MAMA - 99 Rue Orfila, 75020 Paris (Pelleport Station)


Β© Fanny Miami

πŸ’™ Small and Instagramable house
πŸ’™ Clothing quality
πŸ’™ Shop run by a fashion lover
πŸ’™ Go there on Sundays to visit the Saint Ouen fleas just next door

FANNY MIAMI - 41 Rue Jules Vallès, 93400 Saint-Ouen

The map of all the essential second-hand clothing stores in Paris

Google MapπŸ“:




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