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Who said that fashion was never responsible or that filling your closet with make-up was incompatible with preserving the environment? Certainly, most fashion industries still do not pay enough attention to the disastrous consequences of their products every year, and there are still a lot of cosmetics that do not respect the planet and our skin.

So the WISHUPON team has shown interest in all those eco-friendly brands, that is to say, responsible brands working for environmental and social progress.

To be environmentally friendly and ethical, a garment must meet all least those three criteria*:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: It must be made of materials that respect the environment
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: The production process must limit its footprint on the planet
  • Local: Production should be local or as close as possible. 

As far as beauty products are concerned, we have also chosen to present vegan cosmetics to you. Indeed, buying vegan products is not only positive from an animal welfare point of view, but it is also an effective way to protect the environment, which was demonstrated by the United Nations in 2010.

I tried finding a selection of eco brands from a variety of categories such as shoes, bags, clothing, and jeans; skincare, make-up, and body care. Also, I have rounded up them from each different countries.

According to these criteria of respect and protection of the environment, just below you can read our selection of clothing and cosmetic brands, which you can find and add the product you need to purchase later on your WISHUPON app.  

* sources:

Our 7 best eco-friendly fashion brands


When you walk in the streets of Paris, all you have to do is lower your head and you will inevitably see some. Yes, yes, these small and cute sneakers are ecological and fair trade shoes!

Indeed VEJA is a French brand that was created in 2004, and which uses organic cotton from a small Brazilian cooperative, wild rubber, and leather with "vegetable tanning" to reduce the environmental impact of production and meet all fair trade criteria. In addition to that, all labor rights are respected. Go ahead, you can buy a beautiful pair of sneakers without feeling guilty!

source: Veja



125,00 €


Patagonia is a Californian brand created in 1972 which aims to produce sports and mountain clothing while limiting the negative consequences on the environment. Sure and certain that you have already met their famous T-shirt with a vintage look that comes in a multitude of different colors.

In addition to offering this kind of beautiful products, the brand has supported local actions for ecology since its creation: Patagonia recycles manufacturing materials, such as polyester, and donates 10% of its profits to associations that protect the planet. We let you take a quick tour of their site: it has a filter to sort the clothes by manufacturing materials (organic cotton, recycled cotton, and "Fair Trade"), and you can find there all the actions they have undertaken since their creation.

source: Patagonia

Patagonia Men's Capilene® Cool Daily Graphic Shirt 45€


People Tree is one of the pioneering brands in an ethical and environmentally friendly fashion. Founded in 2001 by Safia Miney, this British brand also works for social rights through its partnerships with artisans and farmers in developing countries, and with groups that support fair trade.

Their clothing is made of organic cotton, of durable materials and hand-stitched in a traditional way. You can also find the brand's products on WeDressFair or ASOS.  

source: People Tree

Helene Tropical dress

100% Organic Cotton 119€


Armedangels is a German eco-friendly brand based in Cologne and founded in 2007. It uses organic cotton for the manufacture of its clothing and has looked for innovative ways to produce denim in the most eco-friendly way possible.

The jeans industry is one of the most polluting sectors of fashion. An entire section of their website is dedicated to this exciting research, to fair working conditions, and to the issues of sustainable development in the fashion industry. You can fill your wardrobe with hot jeans now without feeling guilty.

source: armedangels

MAIRAA Mom Fit High Waist €109.90


The trendy streetwear items of this eco-responsible Swedish brand are made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton or lyocell. Moreover, the working conditions of Indian and Chinese workers are fully respected. You can also find their articles on Wedressefair, Mae Sue, Low and on the Galeries Lafayette website. What are you waiting for?

source: Dedicated

Sweater Arendal Crazy Bananas 89.95 EUR 100% Organic Cotton


This leather goods and footwear brand, created in 1995 in Montreal, was inspired by the synergies between MAT(T)erial and NATure (smart, isn't it?). When you visit their website, you realize that making leather bags do not necessarily mean destroying the planet and using animals. Indeed, this 100% vegan brand makes a point of using recycled materials, such as nylon, cardboard, rubber, cork stoppers... Moreover, the lining of their (beautiful) bags is made exclusively of recycled bottles (21 bottles for 1 bag!).

On their site, you can also find organizations to which you can donate your old bags that you no longer use( So go ahead and drop one that's been lying around for 10 years at the bottom of your closet before buying another one!

source: MATT & NAT

ABBILG Weekender - Chalet € 170.00


Allbirds is THE new trendy brand of sneakers freshly arrived from the USA. Technically the brand is from San Francisco!

Allbirds do not use leather but just New Zealand sheep's wool, which saves about 60% of energy compared to "traditional" production processes. They also use recycled bottles, castor oil, and recycled cardboard. Otherwise, their shoes are renowned for their comfort, and they have been seen at the feet of Leonardo di Caprio and Mila Kunis (just like that!).

source: ALL BIRDS

Women's Wool Runners €110 EUR

Our 7 favorite eco-friendly cosmetic brands

Now you know how to recognize an environmentally friendly brand. When it comes to cosmetics, it's a bit the same thing. In particular, cosmetic products must:


  • Natural: Use natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO: Ban genetically modified organisms
  • Cruelty-Free: Not to harm the animal environment
  • Zero Waste: Reduce the production of packaging and waste

Here is our special selection of eco-friendly brands, grouped by specialty area: you can pamper your hair, face or nails without fear for the planet.



Any true fashionista has ever heard about this UK brand, a specialist in ethical and vegan beauty. In addition to offering cosmetics that are totally free of ingredients of animal origin, the brand has also completely banned plastic packaging - and even all packaging for certain products - from some of its product ranges.

Did you know that when you bring back five of its famous black jars, the brand rewards you with a free face mask of your choice?

source: LUSH

Seanik Shampoo Bar £8.00/55g


This internationally renowned French brand promotes care and beauty through plants.

Indeed the brand, a pioneer in environmental protection, has developed "Vegetal Cosmetics", which is a label that also guarantees the protection of local populations as well as the use of sustainable resources. Banning animal testing, the brand has also reduced its water consumption and is committed to using recycled plastics for packaging.

The brand even created a foundation a long time ago to preserve biodiversity, the Yves Rocher Foundation.

source: Yves-Rocher

Essence Double Action Réparation + Anti-pollution, 36,50€


This Australian cosmetics brand specialized in nail and hand care definitely deserves to be more famous around the world. Founded in 2014, Kester Black excludes DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, parabens, perfumes, in short, all harmful chemical components.

The brand also banishes all the products of animal origin or ingredients tested on animals. In addition, Kester Black varnishes offer a very high gloss finish and are 100% vegan.  


Coral Blush Nail Polish $20



This young French brand specialized in skincare makes exclusively online-products to guarantee the lowest possible price while preserving the quality of the products. The brand is vegan, untested on animals, ethical and manufactures its products in France. Typology has created 3 ranges:

  • Raw, composed of raw ingredients to be used and mixed to carry out its care (essential oils, powders...)
  • Lab, a range of serums concentrated on active ingredients
  • Ten, a newer range that offers treatments with a minimalist list of ingredients, without fragrances and for sensitive skin. 

source: Typology

Sérum Éclat Vitamine C 11% 9, 50€


Skyn Iceland is a 100% vegan cosmetics brand focused on skincare, and makes all its products from natural resources straight from Iceland. You will find mineral-rich waters, antioxidant berries, seaweed, and other natural products to strengthen and give a new youth to your skin. Their products are also free of parabens, petroleum, and sulphates.





Katherine Von Drachenberg (Kat Von D) is not only famous for her Spanish inspiration to Latin American folk art, but also for her many vegan and "cruelty-free" products. We let you add to your Wishlist its palettes of eye shadows, eyeliner, lipstick and other brushes without feeling guilty!

source: KAT VON D

Tattoo Liner $20.00


INIKA Organic is an Australian cosmetics brand born in Sydney in 2006, and which makes organic and natural make-up. The brand's primary goal is to offer healthy products with a detoxification objective. The brand was a pioneer in certified organic ingredients, all of the natural origin and derived from plants or minerals. The brand is particularly famous for its brushes. We let you take a look at their site: you will be spoilt for choice.


Loose Mineral Eye Shadow 1.2gr $29.00



We hope that these brands will guide your future choices towards more responsible consumption, or at least that our article has informed you on the eco-friendly fashion-related topic. See you soon at your WISHUPON app!

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