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20 K-Beauty Brands and Best Selling Products That Sell Every Minute — Part. 1

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Korean beauty products are revolutionary in the entire world. So if you heard about Korean Mask sheet, then it’s the time to be interested in other K-beauty products, such as lipstick, eye shadows, and especially skincare products.

source: Pexels

We have selected 20 top popular and affordable beauty brands and we recommend the best seller beauty product each of them. And this article is the first part.

Also, we add a hashtag of “Editor’s Pick” which means Korean editors of Wishupon team selected as best items.

We let you discover these brands that all women should know about, and which are mostly (very) affordable! Check it out and buy before everyone else.

When it comes to seeing the full list of K-beauty Brands Top Seller Product at once, simply come see here:

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Source: Tony Moly

Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

Vivid color is applied to the lips for a long time and moist tattoo tint lip. It is especially recommended when you go swimming because the color does not change after a long time.


Source: Missha

Cho Bo Yang BB Cream

Missha’s first-serving BB cream is loved by many people who use BB cream. The ultra-replenishing BB cream is famous for its excellent moisturizing properties and excellent color sustainability.

Source: Missha

The Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Perfect

Missha’s Perfect Lip & Eye Remover is a hypoallergenic product that cleans dark make-up without irritating your skin. There are many different types of removers, including regular, moisturized and mild types so that you can buy them according to your skin condition.

Source: Missha

Modern Shadow Italprism

Missha’s modern shadow italic prism line is known for its smoothness and color. There are many colors so you can create different combinations of colors In particular, Missha’s Italprism maker is Intercos, who makes shadows for Chanel, Dior, and Mac.

3 - 3CE

Source: Stylenanda


This incredible product is a 3CE eye palette that consists of 9 colors that are essential for everyone’s favorite make-up. Regardless of the season, they are loved by coral addicts with pinkish brown colors that can be used to create a cute, lovely and deep eye.

Source: Stylenanda


Tear Glitter Endplate King 3CE Double Note Big and small pearl particles are mixed to make the make-up more bright than other glitters. It is also convenient to use because there is no powdering or falling.

Source: Stylenanda


Most of the 3CE lip products are very popular in South Korea, but the most beloved item is Velvet Lip Tint. Smooth and matte finish with natural blending expression. All the colors are popular, but the most popular is the Going Light color, which looks lively and calms.


Source: Skin Food

Enrich Essence Honey Honey Propolis Royal

Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Line, also known as Skinfood’s highly moisturizing line. Among them, the essence is highly recommended for dry skin because it can be used without moist and heavy feeling with high moisture. No harmful ingredients can be used for sensitive skin.

Source: Skin Food

Activities for Sugar the Wash OFF Mask Black

It is a mask pack with a granular formulation that is very effective for exfoliation! It has a sweet scent and the scrub effect is very good. It can be used for both dry and oily skin.


Source: Innisfree

Green Tea Seed Serum

Innisfree’s most famous green tea seed serum. Applying a fresh moisture nourishing serum immediately after application will protect your moisture from flying away. Especially for people who are cheating or dehydrated!

Source: Innisfree

Blueberry Rebalancing Skin

Blueberry Rebalancing Skin, the most popular item in the Innisfree Superfood line. Blueberry’s antioxidant properties help balance oil and moisture and smooth skin. It is recommended to buy a large amount because it is good to use in various ways such as 7 skin method and skin pack.

Source: Innisfree

Trucare Non-nano Sunscreen

Inorganic tea sunscreen that works on soft skin. It is refreshing without stickiness, and you can get a natural tone-up effect. This item is so popular that it occupies three crowns of the beauty community. But don’t forget you can only purchase this product online!


Source: Too cool for school

By Rodin Shading #Editor’s Pick!

This is Too Cool For School by Rodin Shading, which is called National Shading in South Korea and sold 5 million pieces. It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone who loves shedding around uses Bairodin. It is available in various colors and enables you to make very natural shedding on your face.

Source: Too cool for school

Nuage Lip

Nuage Lip exists in a variety of colors, from warm to cool tones. Nuage Lip has a soft cloud texture with excellent color, spreadability and lasting power. The product is available in eight velvet colors, which are all very pretty.

Source: Too cool for school

Fixing Cover Cushion

Fits the skin the moment you apply it! Too Cool For School Fixing Cover Cushion is not sticky and stays on the skin all day long. It has good lasting power and excellent coverage.


Source: Etude House

The At My Eyes Look and #Editor’s Pick!

ETUDE’s Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow is famous for its color development. You can choose almost every color according to your taste, from very basic colors to temporary and extraordinary tints. Sometimes Etude House hosts the Look at My Eyes 1 + 1 event, so keep it on your wishlist.

Source: Etude House

Drawing Eye Brow #Editor’s Pick!

Its bright color and shape make it suitable to draw your eyebrows, so it is good for the girls who just start to draw her eyebrows. There are many different colors to choose from depending on your skin and hair color.

Source: Etude House

Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner

Soothing toner from ETUDE HOUSE Soon Line, recommended for sensitive and dry skin. As it is famous for keeping moisture for a long time, it is suitable for people with dry skin.

​8 -VDL

Source: VDL

Perfecting Last Foundation

A VDL foundation that has a moist application and adheres well to your face for a clean skin expression. Regardless of skin type, it is popular for both dry and oily skin.​

Source: VDL

Rouge Supreme

The luxurious case stands out first. VDL Loose Supreme is recommended for those who want to enjoy vivid color with its soft and excellent tint.

Source: VDL

Expert Eye Bomb Boosting Fixer

VDL Expert iBam Boosting Fixer famous for mascara fixers. If you’re worried about sagging and drooping mascara, VDL’s mascara fixer is highly recommended! You can also use it only as a mascara, without the Fixer.


Source: Aritaum

Eyes Mono Editor’s Pick!

The product that comes to mind when you use eyeshadow. Eyes Mono line is constituted of an extraordinary array of colors (pearl, burgundy…). If you find it difficult to keep all your eyeshadows in a single place, you can buy a dedicated shadow palette from the Aritaum store.

Source: Aritaum

Activities for Sugar Lip Mask Overnight Ginger Ginger #Editor’s Pick!

Overnight lip masks help you to exfoliate your lips the day after you apply a mask on your lips. If you use a lip mask, you will have exfoliated and smoother lip the next day. And don’t worry, if you sleep too much, you may get up with your mask remaining on your face.

Source: Aritaum

Cheek Color Cushion Sugarball

Sugarball Cushion blusher of Aritaum is recommended for beginners of blusher. The cushion shape and material make it easy to use without buying a brush. There are a large variety of colors which enable you to choose depending on your hair and skin color.


Source: Banila co

The Zero Original Cleansing Balm 100ml the Clean

This is a balm type product. Use the spatula in the product and apply it to your face. Make-up melts well in small amounts, so it’s easy to clean, and you can use this cleansing balm without any other cleansing products to remove all your make-up neatly. It is easy to carry because there is no worry about flow.

Source: Banila co

Radiant CC Cream IT

Banila co’s It Radiant CC Cream, which contains a whitening ingredient to help brighten naturally. The product itself is moist and softly applied, so it has good adhesion.

Source: Banila co

Velvet Blood Lip

Velvet blood lip with airy texture and vivid color. It adheres well between lips, so it lasts long.



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