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20 K Beauty Brands and Best Selling Products That Sell Every Minute — Part. 2

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Did you enjoy the first part of the K-beauty best selling products? Then, now you can have another chance to see the second part. These 10 brands are famous and popular in South Korea, although they are not familiar with you. If you already tried K-beauty face masks, it’s time to buy others!

source: Pexels

We found international online stores for all products so that you could purchase them. We have selected 20 top popular and affordable beauty brands and we recommend the best seller beauty product each of them.

Also, we add a hashtag of “Editor’s Pick” which means Korean editors of Wishupon team selected as best items.

We let you discover Part.2 of these brands that all women should know about! When it comes to seeing the full list of K-beauty Brands Top Seller Product at once, simply come see here:

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Source: Peripera

Is the Velvet Ink

Peripera’s Ink is one of the best in Korea. Its color expression is excellent and it stays on lips so long that it is loved by many people steadily. There’s a lot of colors to keep up with the season, so you just have to pick a color that matches your skin tone.

Source: Peripera

​Is the Airy Velvet Ink (AD) #Editor’s Pick!

The Airy Velvet Ink is the most popular texture for smudge lip in Korea The point of this wonderful item is to feel light and fresh as if it is not applied. The durability of the colour over time expression is also excellent, like first version of Peripera’s Ink.

12. CLIO

Source: Clio

Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner #Editor’s Pick!

Clio Waterproof Pencil Liner was created especially because it was very difficult to find precise and sharp eyeliner pencils. Released many years ago, South Korean girls usually think it is the softest and most long lasting pen liner they’ve ever used. There are 5 colors, so you can choose according to your taste.

Source: Clio

Kill Cover Glow Cushion

The Kill Cover Glow Cushion is a product that compensates for the disadvantage that the existing Kill Cover Foundation Wear Cushion has excellent coverage. The cover power is slightly less than the existing Kill Cover Foundation Wear Cushion, but it is much moist and transparent.

Source: Clio

Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

Kill Lash Superproof Mascara is the best smudge proof mascara. Color is not only black but also brown, so if you want to wear a lighter make-up, brown color is recommended.

13. BBIA

Source: Bbia

Last Velvet Lip Tint #Editor’s Pick!

BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint lasts on lips for a long time with a velvet texture. This great product is made of powder-like particles, so it adheres neatly when applying full lip, and the gradation on lips is naturally produced, making it an item that goes frequently even when you don’t wear make-up on your face.

Source: Bbia

Plush Shadow #Editor’s Pick!

Breeze Plus Shadow is constituted of fine particles and has strong pigmentation. All you have to do is to apply a moderate amount over the eyelid with your finger or a brush, and then to blend out the color for a gradient look.

Source: Bbia

Last Auto Gel Eyeliner

BBIA’s Last Auto Gel Eyeliner is loved by many people. It is composed of 10 kinds of colors easy to apply smoothly and clearly. Last Auto Gel Eyeliner dries quickly to draw a dripping-free eyeliner line.


Source: Olive Young

Watery Tok Tint

Wakemake Moisture Tock Tint is known for an essential when going to a swimming pool, water park, and beach. Color lasts for a long time without drying out your lips. There are also many bright colors, which are perfect for summer.

Source: Olive Young

Any-Proof Color Lip Chalk

If Moisture Tok Tint is good for summer or popping makeup, Iron Wall Color Lip Choke is a more calming color for daily use. It’s also a durable lip crayon that doesn’t require frequent modifications.


Source: Espoir

Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow

Espoir’s Foundation is made up of 10 colors to match Asian skin tone, so its tones are quite pale. Among them, the Beagle is steadily loved by Korean girls for its moist shine and brilliance.

Source: Espoir

Colorconic Velvet Tint Lacquer

Coloronic Velvet Tint Lacquer lasts for a very long time on lips. Plus, it has a beautiful smooth and matte finish, but is recommended if you are looking for a moist lip effect. Among the eight colors, Coral-Colored MLBB , and Youth and Butterfly are popular.

Source: Espoir

Water Splash Sun Cream

Espoir №1 selling product is Water Splash Sun Cream. It does not only blocks UV rays but it also has a tone-up effect, so it is good to use instead of makeup base or you can also apply it daily, under your foundation. Also known as moisture bomb sunscreen, moisture and gloss are maintained over time.

​16. Rom & nd

Source: Rom & nd

Zero Velvet Tint #Editor’s Pick!

Rom & nd’s Zero Velvet Tint is renowned for its excellent color and light texture on lips. The various color lines are beautiful, so it’s fun to choose a tone that suits your face.

Source: Rom & nd

Zero Matte Lipstick ​

Rom&nd’s Zero Matte Lipstick with simple and cute packaging is a matte lipstick, but it is mostly known for its excellent application that adheres to lips. It has excellent color expression and can be applied alone or in gradation.

Source: Rom&nd

Better Than Eyes

Rom&nd’s Barre Dan Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is constituted of 4 shadows. The color combinations on each palette go well together, so one palette is perfect to make the make-up you want. Not only do the particles feel good on the skin, but they also have a good pigmentation.


Source: Nature Republic

Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel #Editor’s Pick!

Nature Republic’s longtime best-selling product is Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera. Specially recommended to sun-sensitive skins to quickly hydrate and smooth. It is not only effective but also affordable, so it is one of the must-haves in summer.

Source: Nature Republic


The 3rd Edition Shadow Palette has a variety of formulations, including matte, shimmer and glitter. Also, it has 30 different colors, from pink to brown to point colors, so you can complete any makeup with just one palette.

Source: Nature Republic

By Flower Awesome Colorful Heart Tint

By Flower Awesome Colorful Heart Tint has long-wearing texture. It does not only last longer but the water gel texture keeps your lips moisturized.

Source: Nature Republic

California Aloe Fresh Powdery Sun Stick

Many people are reluctant to apply sunscreen in the summer because they don’t like stickiness. It can be used from face to body and has a waterproof function that can be used not only for daily but also for playing in the water.

​18. IT’S SKIN

Source: Its skin

Colorable Draw Tint

Colorful Draw Tint stands out with its cute packaging. The velvet tint formula is light on lips and has excellent color durability. Plus it helps to smooth out the wrinkles between the lips.

Source: Its skin

Life Color Ultra Glow Cushion

The texture of this product is very moist and has good coverage. Many people say Life Color Ultra Glow Cushion as “All-time-favorite Cushion”. It is a moisturizing cushion that will make your skin glowy. This item is particularly recommended for dry skins.


Source: The Face Shop

Lasting Foundation Silm Fit Ink

The Ink Foundation of The Face Shop is one of the best items among foundation products. The packaging is also clean and beautiful, and the light texture will make your skin fit.

Lasting Foundation Silm Fit Ink

Source: The Face Shop


Water Foaming Cleanser Bright Rice

This cleansing foam from The Face Shop is definitively too unfamiliar for what it is. This rice water cleansing foam is excellent for sensitive skin and has excellent cleansing power.



Source: The Saem

Derma Wear Concealer

This Derma Wear Concealer adds a derma formulate to the existing derma Saem mineralizing concealer so that it does not irritate sensitive skin. It adheres firmly to the skin and maintains its original coverage all day long while adding a hypoallergenic Derma Max formula to help soothe sensitive skin. So, what else?

Source: The Saem

Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water #Editor’s Pick!

The Saem’s Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water is feeling very clean and soft.

Source: The Saem

Saemmul Single Blusher Pumpkin Latte ​

The Single Blusher became really famous thanks to Word-of-mouth. Thin powder particles are to be applied smoothly on cheeks to create natural luster and good adhesion. Among all colors, Pumpkin Latte color is popular as a color that can be used for both warm tones and cool tones.



If you want to read an original version what Korean editors from Wishupon team wrote, come see here: K-Beauty Popular Brands — Part 1. K-Beauty Popular Brands — Part 2.  

Written by. Yuhwa Lee & Yelim Lee


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