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How To Organize The Perfect Birthday Party 

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Every year, you think weeks (or even months!) in advance about how you will organize your birthday: who invite, what decoration, what to drink and what to eat... 

Today, WISHUPON reveals everything you need to know so that you can have the birthday party of your dreams at home! You can also use these 10 tips to organize a surprise birthday party for one of your friends.

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Your Perfect Birthday Party - WISHUPON

1. Make some room 

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Store furniture and bulky items lying around in your living room, remove carpets if you allow guests to keep their shoes indoors, and most importantly, hide fragile and/or valuable items. You can never be too careful!

2. Find an original way to invite your friends

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It's obvious, no birthday without guests: for that, instead of simply sending Facebook messages or emails, you can buy small boxes or make your own colorful invitations. There's no way you'd be alone if you did that.....


Source: HEMA - carte de voeux avec confettis

3. Plan small gifts

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Certainly, if the guests are supposed to bring gifts, the host or organizer can also plan small attentions for his guests: in this way, you create a reciprocal exchange and you leave a small souvenir of your evening to your guests. 

Source: Amazon - Lunettes de Soleil Tropicales Hawaïennes

4. Invest in birthday ABC

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It’s not a birthday party without... candles, but also hats, cute little decorations (yes, even if you're not 10 years old anymore), and of course... BALLOONS! 

Source: Asos- Ginger Ray pink confetti balloons 10pk

Source: Urban Outfitters - DIY Balloon Arch

5. Feed your guests

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Don’t forget to prepare snacks, aperitif cakes and above all... a great birthday cake. And if 
 a) you are broke, and
 b) you can't cook, 
then we have the solution for you: ready-made and unbeatable cake mixes. 

Source: Amazon - ScrapCooking - Kit Rainbow Cake

Source: Monoprix- Alsa - Préparation pour moëlleux au chocolat avec des pépites

6. Think of the cutlery

source: Unsplash

This obviously depends on the size of your reception, but if you invite a considerable number of people/ if you are afraid of damage, consider investing in plastic glasses and cutlery. Remember to bring nice paper towels too, it's always better!

Source: Amazon - Juvale Black and Gold Party Supplies


source: unsplash

Try to prepare a playlist in advance, preferably on a dedicated app (yes, because Youtube and Soundcloud ads will soon get on your nerves). If you are not a music lover, you can find ready-made playlists on the Internet, and if not, don't hesitate to ask a friend in advance. And to spread the music, nothing is better... than a speaker, of course. 

Source: Amazon - JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Source: Bose- Amazon Alexa

8. Games! Games!

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No, we're not talking about werewolves or hide and seek, but about little games that will revive the evening if the atmosphere is difficult to take off, or if your guests don't know each other well: it helps to get everyone to talk to each other naturally, isn't it great? 

Source: Fnac - Blanc Manger Coco

Source: Urban Outfitters - Sketching Game

9. Lights at their best

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I am pretty sure that you will not celebrate your birthday in the middle of the afternoon if you are not a child anymore: plan small dimmed lights, and if you want to be economical and ecological, you can also make by yourself small paper lanterns and candle holders. 

Source: Shein - Alphabet Night Light


10. Secure

Source: Unsplash

Finally, to fully enjoy your party and protect yourself against any accident, think about these little preventive things: notify your neighbors a little in advance to prevent the police from disembarking, ban cigarettes indoors if there are flammable things, be careful with candles, and remember to offer water if the alcohol flows freely.

All the WISHUPON team wishes you a happy birthday!




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