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📝 Wish items from anywhere in one. The universal wish list. 

WISHUPON is an application that allows shoppers to save their wishes from any mobile stores and take the sales alerts for their wish list.

Wish items from anywhere in one. The universal wish list. 

How often do you shop on mobile? With the ever-growing smartphone usage, mobile is changing shoppers' behavior. Shoppers use smartphones between daily activities, while commuting, or before bed. They browse m-commerce casually and save items to wish list to come back later for buy. But the problem is that it is hard to keep track of the item’s detail or where you saved it to. It also requires manual log-in to see your wish list. 

WISHUPON also compares the price of item the user saved to the latest price. Users can check updates on the WISHUPON's item detail page. But to enhance user experience, WISHUPON team is developing the automatic price alert feature. With the updated version, users will be able to buy their wish item with the best deal at the best time.

WISHUPON is currently beta and available on the App Store. The official version will be released during the first half of 2016. On the second half of 2016, WISHUPON is planning to roll out to China which has the fastest growing rate of e-commerce market with two digits per year. Also, they will expand their service internationally.

CeBIT visitors can meet WISHUPON at SCALE 11 (Hall 11, Stand A54/8), the platform optimized for startups’ growth, and see how WISHUPON will make shopping agile and convenient. 

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