What’s Parisienne Favorite Brands?

by Elise LOUVIOT

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All the countries of the world wonder what is the “Outfit of the Day” of a typical French girl. Are Maje, Chanel or Sandro only cliché or are these brands really the favorite ones of Parisian girls? So WISHUPON gathered for all the shopping addicts, in one place, the 20 brands which are really Parisian style. We also let you discover our special wishlist gathering all the Parisian items of the article. What's your favorite? You could save them from all 20 brands in WISHUPON app, and share with your friends.

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Source: Pexel


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Keywords: Clothes, Parisian style, Modern & chic, Expensive

Especially designed for Parisian young modern women with its trendy collections. Creative, dynamic and adapted to everyday life.

What we like about Sandro is the attention to detail and its specific clear code: a perfect fit and blends of materials.

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A brand with a unique romantic-rock style

What we love :The femme fatale dressBohemian leather jacket 


Website: https://www.zara.com/

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source: Zara

Keywords: Clothes, French style, Everyday life, Fashionable, For diverse styles, For all women, Affordable

Zara has introduced a revolutionary concept in the field of ready-to-wear by including models inspired by the creation of great stylists, with their personal touches. But Zara enables fashion lovers not to ruin themselves!

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source: Zara

A brand with original creations at affordable prices

What we love :The well-cut lace dressChic pleated trousers


Website: https://www.thekooples.com/

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source: The Kooples

Keywords: Clothes, Rock, Timeless, Expensive

The Kooples wants to bring together the fashion of yesterday and today, and to offer men and women rock and chic outfits. The brand revisits ancient chic clothes to dress the couple. The woman can take some basics from her man’s closet and mix them with ultra-feminine and always rock pieces.

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source: The Kooples

Timeless pieces for a dandy chic look​

What we love :The biker jacket, lambskin jacketLong and feminine dresses


Website: https://shop.mango.com/

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source: Mango

Keywords: Clothes, French style, Diverse styles, Everyday life, For young and mature women, Chic, Affordable

Mango’s purpose is to combine trend, singularity and urban life. From basic jeans to smart evening dresses, the Mango collections are designed to be close to everyday life.

What we love : chic and practical items

MAC Cosmetics

Website: https://www.maccosmetics.com/

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source: MAC Cosmetics

Keywords: Make-up, Quality, Creative, Fashionable, Affordable, For all women

M-A-C is a world reference in the make-up industry, thanks to its great know-how in the field of artistic make-up. The brand celebrates diversity and individuality. Parisienne has been seduced by the infinite possibilities and new trends that M-A-C has launched.

Iconic shades and textures

What we love :An iconic red: Lipstick in Ruby WooGlowy revolution: their legendary setting spray


Website: https://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/

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source: Zadig & Voltaire

Keywords: Clothes, Rock, Modern, Young & Active Women, Expensive

When we talk about the Zadig & Voltaire brand, we immediately think of its countless cashmere sweaters. But the essence of Zadig really consists of mixing classic and trendy, and making luxury with more affordable prices and fluid materials.

A rock spirit with a little extra Parisian soul​

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source: Zadig & Voltaire

What we love :The emblematic Tunisian collarTheir leather bowling bagTheir military parka


Website: https://www.sinequanone.com/

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source: Sinequanone

Keywords: Clothes, Parisian style, Feminine, Chic, Mature & Young Women, Expensive

Inspired by the codes of chic and elegance, Sinéquanone wants to deliver the positive values of contemporary femininity: she is tonic, optimistic, conqueror.

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source: Sinequanone

What we love : Flowing and belted dresses


Website: https://www.etam.com/

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source: Etam

Keywords: Lingerie, Fashionable, Feminine, Chic, Girls & Young Women, Affordable

Etam is a clothing, homewear and lingerie store. The brand owes its success to its modern and synthetic stockings, which were very popular with women who were just starting to work. Etam clothes are perfect for active girls who want to be fashionable without sacrificing their piggy bank or comfort. Etam’s specificity is that the brand calls on designers for luxury collections at low prices.

What we love :Their triangle without armatureTheir lacing swimwear


Website: https://fr.pandora.net/

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source: PANDORA

Keywords: Jewelry, French style, Chic, Modern, Affordable, All Women

Pandora wants to offer women around the world high quality, modern and hand-finished jewelry at affordable prices. Their primary purpose is to invite women to express their individuality by creating their own bracelet composition.

What we love : their bracelet to add all your personal charms


Website: https://www.esprit.com/

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Source: ESPRIT

Keywords: French style, Quality, Everyday life, Affordable, All women

Esprit produces clothes that dress the woman with a natural look. A brand that wants to be pure, sincere and authentic, and does not get lost in frills. Esprit does not need any tricks to make fashion.

What we love : Their timeless T-shirt


Website: https://www.sudexpress.com/

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Source: SUD Express

Keywords: Clothes, Parisian style, All women, Fashionable, Quality, Expensive

Sud express items are elegant, comfortable and feminine. The values of quality and refinement play a major role. The brand uses fine and delicate materials and makes adjusted cuts, chic pieces with an impeccable finish.

What we love:Their mesh sweatersFluid dresses v-neck  


Websites: https://www.andre.fr/ & https://www.minelli.fr/

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Keywords: Leather, French Style, Modern, Everyday life, Affordable, All women

André and Minelli are French brands, which have developed elegant and refined designs to seduce city-dwellers who want to be at the forefront of fashion without frying their CB. The collections are original, trendy and modern.

What we love :The classic Parisian derbyVelvet effect pumps 


Website: https://www.sezane.com/en

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Source: SEZANE

Keywords: Parisian style, All women, Fashionable, Quality, Chic, Expensive

Typically Parisian, Sézane stands out by creating two large annual collections of basic and micro-collections of monthly capsules, and above all the brand wants to create an ideal woman’s wardrobe, adapted to the daily needs and desires of today’s women.

What we love :Their light summer dressesTheir openwork blouses


Website: https://www.darjeeling.fr/

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Keywords: Lingerie, All women, French style, Chic, Feminine

With its expertise in corsetry, the brand wants to enhance women’s silhouettes while guaranteeing comfort and sensuality of the lines. Darjeeling models guarantee a sensual look for all body types, with a personalized experience for each woman.

What we love : Their upscale lingerie at affordable price

KIKO Milano

Website: https://www.kikocosmetics.com

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Source: KIKO Milano

Keywords: Make-up, For all women, For everyday life, Creative, Cheap

Kiko is a brand of cosmetics products for face and body. Its safe and effective products have a very good price-quality ratio, and aim to satisfy the beauty needs of women of all ages. KIKO’s identity is rooted in the values “Made in Italy” and in the country that is the center of fashion, art, and design.

What we love :Their amazing concealerTheir incredible invisible powder


Website: Https://www.bershka.com/

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Keywords: Clothes, Everyday life, Modern, Young Women & Girls, Cheap

Bershka’s concept is to create collections designed for young women who want to stay at the forefront of fashion without excessive originality, and without ruining themselves. You can find as many basics as some original parts.

What we love :Their everyday high waist jeansItems with original textures 


Website: http://www.calzedonia.com

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Source: Calzedonia

Keywords: Lingerie, Girls & Active Women, Fashionable, Quality, Affordable


The Italian brand offers a wide choice of tights, stockings, socks, and trendy swimwear while ensuring optimal quality. With a glamorous cut and bright colors, Calzedonia swimsuits are a summer must-have for the Parisian woman.

What we love : their retro bikinis


Website: https://fr.claudiepierlot.com/

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Source: Claudie Pierlot

Keywords: Clothes, Chic, Parisian style, Timeless, Expensive, All Women

Refined and minimalist, Claudie Pierlot ready-to-wear brand offers a range of timeless pieces. Cardigans, jeans, and other blouses, you will also find baby doll dresses or Claudine collars that will make her popularity and great success. The specificity of the brand is its retro style that has been perfectly updated.

What we love :Elegant fluid shirtsLong and chic cardigansTheir iconic col Claudine


Website: https://www.comptoirdescotonniers.com/

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Source: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Keywords: Clothes, French style, Timeless, Fashionable, All women, Expensive

Comptoir des Cotonniers embodies a style that is both authentic and refined, for girls and mothers. The brand promotes a relaxed elegance, with simple and refined garments. Comptoir des Cotonniers revisits the French chic by assuming a modern and spontaneous look.

What we love :Their wallet skirtsTimeless trenches 


Website: https://www.nafnaf.com/

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Source: Naf Naf

Keywords: Clothes, French style, All women, Everyday life, Creative, Affordable

Sparkling and fashionable, this French brand is off the beaten track of fashion. Naf-Naf has created its own fairy tale world, fun and unique. Naf Naf is perceived as a cheerful and cheeky brand, offering trendy outfits at affordable prices.

What we love : Their simple and fluid dresses   

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