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PDPaola - Ultra stylish jewelry for you.

Let your genuine nature glow.

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Ultra-stylish jewelry for you.

pdpaola - let your genuine nature glow.


PDPaola was created and inspired by two siblings - Paola and Humbert - in Spain. 

PDPaola’s fine jewelry collection is crafted from 18K recycled gold. While considering the planet 🌍, do you find new rings, bracelets, and necklaces? Then, It is a more sustainable option for you.


LETTER Collection and Zodiac Collection are the best-selling collections.

Show your sign with their adorable jewelry. It’s a good idea to choose it for your besties. They will love it. Yes, Zodiac necklaces are trending.

Fine jewelry rings and Diamond rings are popular for weddings and proposals. Show your affection with these exclusive collections.  

You can find out your jewelry for special events or everyday plans.


📦 Delivery 106 countries

🏷 Hashtags #authentic #sustainability #recycled #elegant 

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PDPaola - Ultra-stylish jewelry for you.
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