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Jacquemus Le Bisou bag set to be the It-bag of the year


The Jacquemus Le Bisou bag is hot on Wishupon this week.

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Jacquemus has released the Le Bisou bag, a new shoulder bag that is set to become the It-bag of the year. Launched on the runway at Jacquemus' December show, the bag has already garnered attention from fashion influencers and is available at select retailers.

With its unique, rectangular shape and modern yet refined design, featuring a nod to the minimalist shapes of the 90s and early 2000s, the Le Bisou is available in a range of colors and styles, including the Le Bisou Cadenas, made from leather and adorned with a padlock, the Le Bisou Perle, featuring a statement bead design, and the Le Bisou mousqueton, which has a curved gold metal strap instead of a leather handle.

Already hot on the wishlists of many, the Le Bisou has also been carried by influential people in the fashion industry, including Emma Chamberlain, Christine Quinn, and Amina Muaddi, further increasing its popularity and desirability among fashion-conscious consumers.

The Le Bisou is sure to be a must-have accessory for the year.


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Le Bisou Cadenas

Padlock shoulder bag


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Le Bisou Perle Beaded shoulder bag

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