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How to make your own Cosy Room 

Your room is your private space, your refuge, but it is also YOUR creative space. In it, you can imagine absolutely anything you like, unlike the other living rooms, where you are subjected to the (sometimes disastrous!) choices of the people with whom you live.
So, after reading this article, you will be able to make your room a cosy and comfortable place, which you will never want to leave!

Tip #1: Ensure color harmony

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The first basic rule to follow is to define what main tones you want to find in your room. And to have a room with a soothing atmosphere, choose pastel colors, such as light wood, cream, pink or pastel blue…

Tip #2: Comfort first!


The most important thing is to feel completely comfortable in your room. So that you won’t want to leave it in the morning…

We suggest you invest in a comfortable mattress, a ton of well-padded cushions (vary the color of the covers while staying overall in your room tone), a thick plaid and ESPECIALLY, a huge fluffy rug in which you will plunge your toes with pleasure…

Tip #3: Light…but not too much!

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No cosy room without a dimmed light just what it takes!

Do not hesitate to multiply the sources of light: bedside lamps, wall lights… And above all, the MUST HAVE: light garlands to hang above your bed or in your library.

A little tip: if you already have elegant ceiling lights that you want to keep, install filament bulbs in them. We love them for their warm and dimmed light!

Tip #4: Think about candles!

Source: Pexels

The candles offer small touches of softened light, which reinforce the romantic and shimmering effect… They also bring some decoration when the pot cover is really pretty. You can also find indoor lanterns on some sites to place them in, as well as delicate photophores.
Indulge yourself, remember to take scented candles to make your room deliciously fragrant.

Tip #5: Create your own canopy bed!


Who says you have to be a princess to have a canopy bed? Stretch thin sheets or a long muslin cloth over your bed (making sure it is securely attached!).

The extra touch: put small garlands of light on top or slide them between the folds of the sheets. There you go, Sleeping Beauty has nothing to envy you anymore…

Tip #6: Think natural!

Source: Unsplash

Forget plastic and try to favour more natural materials, such as wood, wool, fibres, paper…. For a softer and more neutral effect. For your desk or your wardrobe, it would be perfect. So you should avoid fluorescent pink plastic chairs!

Tip #7: Go green (but not too green)


To avoid making your room look too stuffy, break the shimmering colors by installing small house plants.
And don’t even bother to have a green thumb, you can find very beautiful artificial plants at very low prices that have as much effect as real ones. In this way, you will have a Scandinavian bedroom effect, with more sober and light colors, with a little more natural tone.
You can also find pretty potholders in most decoration shops, which will be the final touch!

Tip #8: Choose your bed linen carefully

Source: Unsplash

As your bed normally takes up a fairly large space in your room, don’t forget to invest in sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases that will look great in your room. You have the overall choice between slightly ethnic prints, which will have the most beautiful effect or plain and soberer sets but which will play on the elegance of the material (linen, natural fiber effect…).

As the sets are generally quite expensive, we recommend a few low-cost brands that will allow you to bluff your friends and family: HEMA, H&M Home, La Redoute….

Tip #9: Tidy up, hide!


There’s nothing worse than a crowded room where you accumulate small stuff without ever cleaning up. Fortunately, you will find attractive and practical storage boxes in most stores. Fall in love with small glass boxes, fiber baskets or cream-colored trunks: it’s impossible to make a mistake.

Tip #10: Customize your walls!


This is the editor’s personal favorite article: if you have bright, empty walls, or if you’re just tired of your wallpaper, choose large graphic stickers to place on your walls. We have found a lot of them on Society6 but you are free to find your favorite on the Internet!

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