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How to create a beautiful and inspiring workspace

Whether you work from home or at the office, there are many ways to design your workspace.

But why would you bother?

First of all, because having a nice workspace is immediately more motivating. Don't tell me that leaving work with a table overflowing with paper and old pizza boxes will make you more motivated the next morning! 

Second, because it's more professional. For a little bit that a client/your mother/your boyfriend (cross out the unnecessary mention) shows up in your office unexpectedly, the goal is not to scare him away immediately (well, except maybe your mother-in-law). 

Finally, not only will you feel physically and mentally better, but a ton of studies, conducted by scientists, doctors, and psychologists, have also shown that having a beautiful workspace will make you more productive

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We present you 8 tips that will make you feel better in your workspace, or even make it a totally unstable place (think about buying a croissant and making yourself a creamy coffee when you want to take a picture to make your colleagues angry).

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Tip #1: Make space your own

Source: Mymycracra

If you are in teleworking or used to working from home, this advice is self-evident. But if you go to work at the office, then start by bringing plants, photos, small objects that will make you feel like you "own" the place and make you feel more comfortable. 

Tip #2: Choose colors carefully

Source: for-interieur

This advice is more valid (as well as the following ones) if you have your own office (you see yourself repainting the open space in fluorescent pink under the amazed eyes of your colleagues?). In any case, here we are not talking about flashy colors, but only BLUE, RED and GREEN. Why? 

Because psychological studies have shown the specific virtues of these 3  :

  • Blue is unconsciously associated with the sky and the color of clear water, which has a calming and relaxing effect
  • Red makes us more sensitive to details, more thorough in our tasks and more confident 
  • Green, on the other hand, boosts creativity and positive energy. The University of Rochester has shown its particularly stimulating effects when combined with blue! 

Tip #3: Brightness and location of your office 

Source: Belathee

Can you work in the dark, can't you? In addition to being visually uncomfortable, a workspace that is too dark is bad for your eyes... If you are lucky enough to have a large window, make sure you place your desk so that you do not turn your back on it. The main thing is that the light is homogeneous without being dazzling: to avoid shadows, we recommend that you invest in several lighting systems in addition to a ceiling lamp, for example, a desk lamp.  On the other hand, a desk lamp reduces the harmful effects of blue light on your screens and reduces visual fatigue. Finally, if you are left-handed, place the light on your right, and vice versa. Also, be careful not to crack on a desk that is too polite and will reflect the light and dazzle you! 

Tip #4: Plants are your friends 

Source: inspirationsdeco

Of course, investing in small plastic plants is very cute and it looks prettier right away, but it has been proven that "real" plants in a room can prevent fatigue, reduce stress, maintain attention and renew the air. No more excuses not to go to the flower shops!

Tip #5: Silence... but not too much

Source: pexels

In your surroundings, you certainly know at least one person who prefers to go to work in cafés, or even parks, to have pleasant background noise. And you have probably also felt this feeling of loneliness when your house was quite quiet. If you are still not convinced that a little background noise is good for your work, scientists have proven that the brain performs better in a slightly noisy environment (muffled conversations, musical background...). So feel free to put on your headphones or open your window to enjoy the noise of cars or lawnmowers!

Tip #6: Love Art

Source: homishome

The virtues of works of art on health have been proven many times: art stimulates our empathy, gives us pleasure, improves self-confidence... We can see that art therapy is more and more practiced, and in hospitals, studies have shown that works allow patients to heal faster and make them calmer. 

Tip #7: Ventilate

source: Pexels

It is important to ventilate your workspace at least once a day, especially if you spend all day in it. In addition, renewing the air will keep the ambient temperature low enough, which is stimulating for your brain. 
Avoid incense and scented candles that will make the air heavier. 

Tip #8: An organized bazaar

Source: pexels

Having a desk that is too tidy and empty can be counterproductive. Of course, it also depends on you, but a little disorder can boost creativity and make you feel that you are taking over space. Also, choose some designer supplies that you will enjoy seeing on your desk, so don't be afraid to leave a few gadgets lying around...



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