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📢 A Universal Wishlist, WISHUPON

📌Remembering where your wish items is a hassle 👽

Shoppers tend to browse a variety of stores like Amazon, Aliexpress, and Fancy etc.

And when the shoppers find the items 💎 that they like, they save them to wish list of each stores.

As a result, we’ve trouble remembering where we’ve saved our Wishes(wish items) 🙀🙀🙀

📌Collect your Wishes in one place 👆 

WISHUPON allows shoppers to save their Wishes from any mobile stores. 

So when you find the stuff you love 👠, just save it into WISHUPON. 

Users can save Wishes in WISHUPON by using,

- 👉 ‘Share’ function in Safari 🌎

- 👉 WISHUPON app’s web view

- 👉 Shopping apps like asos, FANCY, Aliexpress, ETSY etc.

📌 Check out the most competitive price 💸💸 

Shoppers can check today’s price at your Wish’s detail page.

As the shopper can purchase at the best price, they can save money. 💡

The ‘discount alert’ feature 📢 , that notifies users when the Wishes’ price drop will be updated soon.

Collect your wish, Save in one place.

A Universal Wishlist, WISHUPON

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